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Personal sports coaching in Waterloo and Walloon Brabant

Have you ever taken out a gym membership and stopped going after a few weeks? Or started a sports programme but didn't follow it through?

Maybe you've tried repeated diets with no results?

Do you alternate periods of intensive sport with periods of total emptiness?


Have you set yourself sport and/or health goals but feel demotivated? If this sounds like you, personal training is the solution for you.

Personal training: a complete support

Personal training is more than just sports coaching. As a personal trainer, I accompany you both physically and mentally. Because, to achieve long-term results, we need to change our routine and our lifestyle.


Personal training offers many advantages

An adapted and effective sports programme

As a certified sports coach, I will create a programme to match your ambitions.


Did you know that? Losing weight or sculpting your figure are two different objectives that require different training plans. Using a personal trainer allows you to create a sports programme that meets your expectations. No more endless hours of sport without results: I choose the exercises that directly target your objectives.

A source of motivation not to give up

My role as a personal trainer is also to support you on a daily basis and to help you not to lose sight of your goals. By creating a fun and varied training programme, which corresponds to your expectations, I give you a taste for sport and make your coaching sessions a real moment of well-being.

I will become your daily ally and help you to regain your balance and self-confidence. You will see that including sport in your daily routine will be synonymous with pleasure and disconnection.

A balance of sport, nutrition and mindset

No matter what your goals are, sport alone will not allow you to achieve them 100%.


As a personal trainer, in addition to your training programme, I also work on your diet and mindset. Together we will rebalance your diet and boost your self-confidence.

How does individual coaching work?

Would you like to start personal coaching? Fill in the form so that I can find out more about you and your expectations.


Registration form:

After analysing your answers, I propose a first meeting to get to know each other. This first meeting allows :


  • Learn more about you, your goals, your level and your health.

  • To do a first sports session so that you can discover my training method.

  • To offer you a personal programme according to your wishes, your availability and your budget.


This first meeting does not commit you to anything.

If you have any further questions about my personal training offer, please call me:


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