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Tailor-made private coaching with Candice Collette in Waterloo

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Candice, a passionate coach bursting with energy! With my multiple certifications as CPT NASM Personal Trainer, Bellicon Swiss Jump specialist, TRX, and nutrition expert, I offer you dynamic and effective sports coaching.

My method? An explosive mix :

* HIIT for fast results.

* Afterburn to burn calories.

* Animal Flow to unleash your potential.


Explore the inspiring testimonials of my clients and join us for an adventure full of vitality!

Private coaching with Candice: a tailor-made experience

Personal training goes beyond physical exercise. As your personal coach, I accompany you on your sporting and mental journey for lasting results.


Benefits of private coaching :


1. Tailored, effective program: I create a personalized training plan to help you reach your goals quickly.

2. Constant motivation: I support you on a daily basis with varied sessions to give you a taste for sport.

3. Complete balance: I work on your diet and mindset for lasting changes.


With my personalized approach, I help you regain your balance and self-confidence. Join me for a healthier, more fulfilling life!


Candice, j'adore m'entraîner avec toi, pour la premier fois de ma vie, je vois enfin le vrai professionnalisme !!! Chaque entraînement est vraiment un plaisir, même si on a envie de mourrir pendant et surtout le lendemain)) Encore merci
Julia Kostuk / 43 ans/ Waterloo

To start your personal coaching, complete the form below:


Additional information on personal coaching:

After analysis, I propose a first meeting to :


- Discuss your goals, level and health.

- Try out my method in a session.

- Establish a personalized program.



This first appointment is without obligation.



If you have any questions, please call me on 0476/07.47.36.

**Available times:**

To be agreed at first appointment.




55 avenue des Paquerettes

Waterloo 1410

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