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Guidance and strength for woman, every session, every step


Progressive phases and specific strategies adapted to your daily life.


Detailed body parameters to measure results.

A sports and nutrition coaching method focused on autonomy (short-term learning on everything you need to know about nutrition, training and optimizing your lifestyle in the long term

For who ?

For anyone who wants to :

  • Trigger weight loss

  • Take action at the cause of the problem

  • Regain a healthy, lasting weight

  • Relearn how to eat properly

  • Change habits easily

  • Understand what's preventing you from reaching your goal and solve the problem

  • Receive support and guidance during your challenge

  • Act on all the pillars necessary for lasting weight loss

  • Be autonomous at the end of the program


Your personalized program 

1. Interview

- Setting goals

- Problem analysis

- Body measurements (fat, water, muscles, etc.)

- General assessment

- Dietary analysis

- Lifestyle analysis

- Action plan


2. Coaching

Tailored to stage 1.

Nutritional and mental coaching.

First session of 1 hour, then 1 follow-up session per month of 30 minutes.

Nutrition plan ajusted accordingly monthly 

Online App. and Ebook supports

Daily What's App exchanges


Allow 12 weeks for proper follow-up.

Reach your fit and health goals.


3. Follow-up

You can continue on your own or continue to be coached to fine-tune your fitness level.

How much do I have to invest in tailor-made nutrition plan? 

The value of my nutrition coaching method with daily support,

is €255 for 3/month (i.e. €2.80/days), with no minimum commitment.

How long does the coaching last? 

The minimum time commitment is 12 weeks.

If you wish, I can accompany you until you achieve your goals.

Since I started (2015) I've decided to offer a caring approach to coaching.

I'm against rigid contracts with hidden clauses.

On average, my champions become self-disciplined after 3 months and are coached for 8 months.

What  they say, 

Candice, j'adore m'entraîner avec toi, pour la premier fois de ma vie, je vois enfin le vrai professionnalisme !!! Chaque entraînement est vraiment un plaisir, même si on a envie de mourrir pendant et surtout le lendemain :-)
Encore merci
Julia Kostuk / 43 ans/ Waterloo
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