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Fitness Pro Candice, sports and nutrition coaching in Waterloo

Candice, your sport and nutrition partner in Waterloo.


Taking care of your physical health and psychological well-being is as much a matter of working out as it is of eating. That's why I offer a complete coaching service based on both sports and nutrition.


Passionate about fitness and coaching, I offer sports programs for individuals or groups, and for all levels.


My little plus ? I am specialized in coaching women. I have already helped dozens of women reach their goals and regain their confidence. And all this in a dynamic and caring environment.


So if you need to get back in shape, strengthen your muscles or lose weight, call me! Whatever your needs, desires or goals, we will find a program that suits you.

Candice, j'adore m'entraîner avec toi, pour la premier fois de ma vie, je vois enfin le vrai professionnalisme !!! Chaque entraînement est vraiment un plaisir, même si on a envie de mourrir pendant et surtout le lendemain)) Encore merci
Julia Kostuk / 43 ans/ Waterloo

Our Expertise

Improvement of 
well- being

Would you like to spend more time on your well- being and take care of your health? Combining sport and balanced nutrition will give you energy and motivation on a daily basis. I'll put together the righ


Physical condition


You have a sporting challenge ahead of you and you want to give yourself the best possible chance of meeting it? I will accompany you in your physical preparation and help you to reach your goals. No matter what your initial level is.

Weight loss


Would you like to lose

weight and refine your figure? Forget about diets and deprivation, I suggest an adapted sports programme and a rebalancing of your diet. This is the key to healthy and lasting results.

Pre and post natal support


Are you pregnant or have you just given birth? Pregnancy involves hormonal, physical and psychological changes. I will create a pre- or post-natal fitness programme for you and help you to welcome these changes with gentleness and kindness.

Strengthening muscles


Do you want to improve your muscle tone and sculpt your body? I will prepare a muscle strengthening programme for you that offers many benefits: improved performance, posture correction, injury prevention and anti-ageing effect.



Are you recovering from an operation, illness or injury? Appropriate physical activity and a balanced diet increase your physical and mental well-being. I will accompany you in your recovery, regardless of your basic level.

Our method for effective sports coaching

I have followed several training courses that allow me to offer efficient and professional sports coaching.


I am certified in CPT Nasm Personal Trainer, Bellicon Swiss Jump, Move, Circle and Kids. I have also completed additional training in TRX Suspension Straps and Nutrition.


I offer an explosive mix of three training methods:


- High intensity interval training (HIIT) which aims to alternate high intensity exercise with short or medium rest periods.


- The afterburn, a workout that increases caloric expenditure after exercise and builds muscle mass quickly and with little equipment.


- Animal Flow, a new type of training that increases range of motion and fluidity.


Learn more about me, my background, my motivations

I help women feel more fit, energetic and confident by adopting consistent healthy habits

Candice Collette, founder et Woman Fitness Coach  FR - ENG - ES


Sport has always been a part of my life. My father instilled in me a taste for effort as a child. When I was younger, I was full of energy and not afraid of new challenges. I tried many sports: swimming, diving, horse riding, dancing, snowboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, skydiving, climbing, wakeboarding and running.


Growing up, I kept this taste for sport and discovery. My journey first took me to Africa, to Botswana. I was a safari guide for several years. This experience was both rich and incredible: meeting new people every day and working in the middle of nature. What could be better?


But in 2011, I finally missed my little Belgium and decided to return to the flat country. Little did I know that I was about to experience a new and even richer adventure: becoming a mother. I became pregnant soon after my return. I then discovered pregnancy, its benefits... but also its drawbacks. My body changed and I gained a lot of weight in a very short time. With 18 kilos more, I started to feel bad about my body and didn't recognize myself anymore. I'm losing confidence, I'm shutting down.


The birth of my daughter is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. But the arrival of a child changes a life. I understand that, from now on, she is my priority and I must offer her a stable and positive life. So I decided to go back to Africa to resume my job in tourism. But things did not work out as I had hoped: on the one hand, I felt guilty about leaving my daughter during my working hours. On the other hand, I can't manage to lose the weight and I feel increasingly unwell in my body, which affects my mood, my self-confidence and my state of mind. I understand that things have to change, not only for her, but also for me. I packed up and decided to return to Belgium with a new challenge: to take care of myself.

When I returned, I started to practice sport again. And little by little, I regained my balance, my form, my joy of living. Everything aligned for me and I understood that fitness should be part of my life. I feel in great shape and I want to share my experience with other women and

other mothers who have gone through the same thing. I've decided to become a sports coach.


As I never do things by halves, I put my heart and soul into it and I follow several trainings. I obtained the necessary certifications and specialised in several fitness practices. I also decided to train in nutrition because I am convinced that taking care of yourself also involves your plate.


I have been a sports coach for over 10 years now. Every day, I accompany women to help them regain control of their bodies and feel at peace with themselves.


My job is all about people. I love meeting new clients, understanding their needs and learning more about their life path. And it's always a success for me to see them achieve their goals and find their balance.

So, if you too feel that a boost would do you good to feel at your best, contact me.

Personal training

100% women-only group classes

Nutrition coaching

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