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Motivating, tailored support for woman

There are several support formulas available to you. They all aim to improve your daily well-being. Sessions and exercises are personalized and adjusted according to your progress.

Together, we define the formula that's right for you, and that will have a real positive impact on your everyday life

My story,

I help women feel more fit, energetic and confident by adopting consistent healthy habits


I look for inspiration in every moment, pushing the limits every day to live without regrets.

My daughter, my main motivation! Her support has encouraged me to devote myself fully to my passion for fitness,

and it's for her  that I persevere. 
My aim is to teach her that life is beautiful and that anything is possible when you fight for your dreams.

If you are woman, a mum, driven by work and family, constantly running after time, reading through She's Fit will give you the answers to why you should have a relation with sports.



Dare undertake
the journey
your own


Through a series of rigorous training courses, I've honed my skills to provide top-notch sports coaching that's both effective and professional.

My credentials speak volumes: Certified NASM Personal Trainer, Bellicon Mini-Trampoline Instructor, Deepwork Coach, TRX Suspension Straps, Sports Nutrition Specialist and Nutrition Glycemia & Overweight expert.


What sets my coaching apart is the fusion of three dynamic training expertise:


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This method involves alternating between intense bursts of exercise

and short to medium rest periods, optimizing both cardiovascular health and calorie burn.

The Afterburn Effect

This workout strategy not only boosts calorie expenditure during exercise but also continues

to burn calories post-workout, facilitating rapid muscle growth with minimal equipment.

Animal Flow

Discover a cutting-edge training approach, blending animal-inspired dynamic movements to boost flexibility, fluidity,

and functional strength. Together, let's tailor sessions to unleash your full potential and achieve greatness!

What  they say, 

Candice, j'adore m'entraîner avec toi, pour la premier fois de ma vie, je vois enfin le vrai professionnalisme !!! Chaque entraînement est vraiment un plaisir, même si on a envie de mourrir pendant et surtout le lendemain :-)
Encore merci
Julia Kostuk / 43 ans/ Waterloo
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