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Coaching in small groups focusing on three key themes

Energize your Semi-Private Fitness Group with Candice in Waterloo

Ready for a unique fitness experience? Join our exclusive circle of women determined to excel together! Immerse yourself in the expertise of Candice, our exceptional coach, specialized in leading semi-private groups.

Candice excels at creating a motivating atmosphere, propelling you towards your goals. Her ability to personalize each session, even in a group setting, ensures that you'll receive tailor-made support. Sign up now for one of our 8 dynamic groups of 6 motivated women. Turn your workouts into inspiring and effective moments with Candice by your side! 🌟

The advantages of a semi-private group with Candice are indisputable:

1. Collective emulation: Share your sessions with your friends, give each other a boost and maintain constant motivation.


2. Personalized attention: Despite the group setting, Candice takes optimal care of each participant. Each participant benefits from personalized follow-up, tailored to her specific needs.


3. Training effectiveness: The results are visible on your figure. Thanks to Candice's coaching, each session is optimized to guarantee tangible progress.


4. Maximized progress: Candice adapts sessions to the varying levels of participants, ensuring maximum progress for everyone, whatever their starting point.


5. Advantageous rates: Take advantage of reduced costs compared to individual private lessons. You benefit from exceptional coaching quality at a more affordable price. Join the semi-private group and discover a fitness approach that's both friendly and high-performance! 💪👭

Contact me and start your training now!

Private Group Program and Rates


Further information on Private Group Coaching :


Reservations required: minimum 2 women, maximum 6.


This first appointment is non-binding.



If you have any questions, please call me on 0476/07.47.36.


Available times :

To be agreed at first appointment.





55 avenue des Paquerettes,

Waterloo 1410

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