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Group sports classes for women in Waterloo

In addition to individual sports and nutrition coaching, I organise group fitness sessions. My group classes are aimed at all women, regardless of age or level.


Forget about working out in an overflowing gym, with a coach who doesn't recognise you from one session to the next!


No, with me, quality is always more important than quantity, even in group coaching. For this reason, I limit the number of registrations to the courses and I make sure to guarantee a friendly, motivating and caring atmosphere.

So if you want to make sport part of your daily life and join a team of energetic girls, you're welcome.

Group cours program 2023

For the first semester of 2023, I offer 3 group courses:

Mini Trampoline

Monday 7.15pm

A workout that combines fun, strengthening and cardio, all without impact.

The perfect workout for those who want to exercise without even realising it.


Circuit Training

Wednesday 8.45am

A complete workout that combines endurance, power, speed and mobility.

The ideal workout for a gentle wake-up call on Wednesday morning.


Body Fit

Thursday 7.30pm

A surprise workout every

Thursday to work the whole

body and stay in shape all

year round.

Training for those who want to sweat and excel.

This program is valid from 15 January to 15 June 2023. Classes are suspended during school holidays.


This programme may vary for the following semester (15 September to 15 December).

Prices and subscription to group courses

Registration for group classes is by subscription per semester:

  • from 15 January to 15 June ;

  • from 15 September to 15 December.


The price is €15 for a 50-minute session, regardless of the course you choose. When you sign up, you commit yourself for the whole semester.

Free discovery session

You are interested but you would like to try before taking a subscription? It's possible, just sign up for a free trial session:


Registration form :

This will be an opportunity for you to test your level, the course programme and also to meet the group.

Signing up for a discovery session does not commit you to anything. So go for it!


If you need more information, call me on 0476/07.47.36


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