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Level 2


Type : Mini-trampoline

Calories burned: 325-500*

Level : Intermediate

Duration : 50 minutes

When: Monday 7.15pm


Where: 5b Blvd Henri Rolin, Waterloo




Swissjump 2 is a lower intensity split workout than SwissJump 3. Mini-Trampoline is a modern and innovative fitness class. Intensive cardio and endurance exercises alternate with strengthening and muscle-building exercises. Simple dance moves and a combination of varied exercises complete the Bounce format. As well as the intensive nature of this class, the fun factor is definitely not left out!


The benefits of Swissjump 2 :

  • reduces neck and back pain ;

  • improves posture

  • frees the mind;

  • improves flexibility and stability;

  • stimulates blood circulation ;

  • is good for body tension ;

  • strengthens cartilage and bones;

  • stimulates every cell in your body.


Muscle groups involved:

Whole body

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